Your Property, Our Responsibility

We offer professional real estate valuation and consultancy services. Our team includes registered professional valuers registered with Valuers Registration Board

We value land, buildings, plant, machinery, office equipments and all industrial concerns.

Valuations are typically undertaken for banks/financial institutions, investment advisors, insurance companies, auditors, multinationals, corporations, non-governmental organizations, property owners, occupiers and developers.

Valuation services we offer include:

-Valuation for mortgage purposes
-Valuation for insurance purposes
-Valuation for sale/purchase purposes
-Valuation for auction purposes
-Valuation for rental assessment
-Valuation for audit purposes
-Valuation for compulsory acquisition purposes
-Valuation of plant and machinery
-Valuation for litigation purposes
-Valuation of furniture, equipment and fittings.

You are guaranteed reliable valuation services across Kenya.

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